OvDx Release Notes April 2019

OvDx Release Notes v1.26

April 2019

We have been busy spring cleaning and tidying up things in OvDx. Please take a minute to see what’s new. Many of the updates in this release are the direct result of customer feedback and requests. We listen, so please keep them coming.

As always, we hope these updates will help make your life in the lab easier!

Don’t forget, you can always let us know how we are doing by sending an email to support@ovation.io

Take a look at what is new:

Improved QC UI

The QC Activity page has been redesigned to make it easier for users to review results from large batches or multiple result types. The core functionality remains the same. The look and feel of what you'll see has just been updated.

Here is what you will see:

  • Instead of scrolling through a long list you can now select individual samples and just view those results
  • You can search for specific results and the page will filter on that data
  • You can now review multiple assays at once
  • Everything is now autosaved ensuring previous work is not lost

Organization time zone support

In Organization preferences, there is a now a setting for preferred time zone.  If this is set, any places in which the time is shown will show the time in the local time zone.  This is most notable in the Admin Reports page which will now display the requisition received and created date as local time instead of UTC.

Send-out workflow

Labs in Ovation now have the capability to process requisitions amongst each other:

  1. Lab 1 would receive a requisition and process it in a Send-out workflow and mail the sample to Lab 2
  2. Once Lab 1 completes the Send-out workflow, the requisition would show up for Lab 2
  3. Once Lab 2 receives the sample; it would then mark the sample as received and would process the sample as normal and generate a report
  4. Once Lab 2 signs the report, it would get show up as report for Lab 1 to sign off
  5. Once Lab 1 signs off on the report, it would be available for Lab 1’s physician contacts to view and download

Bugs fixes / Improvements

  • Improved load times for accession form
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