Display Preferences

Under Display Preferences, you can customize defaults such as time/date format, time zone, laboratory logo, and more for your organization that are consistent throughout OvDx and also the external Portals.

Display Preferences

1. Hover over the “More” button along the top menu

2. Hover over “Settings”

3. Click on “Display Preferences”

Display Options

  • Set the Date input and output format. This controls the format of the dates that are entered on the requisition and portal order forms.
  • Set the Time Zone. This is important in accurately capturing timestamps throughout the system.
  • Set and verify CLIA and CAP IDs. Ensure CLIA and CAP IDs are correct (they will print on reports).
  • Set Default Country.

Set the Container Well Display Order. This controls whether the table in a workflow plating step displays the samples by row or column. This feature does not affect the order in which the samples are assigned to the plate.

  • Set Report Delivery Status. This allows for the status of a sample for which a report has been successfully delivered to the provider/contact to be either updated automatically, or manually in Ovation. (Note: If the Automatic Delivered status is set to “No,” a green icon will be displayed on the report page when a sample is completed, which will allow the user to manually mark the report as Delivered.)

Comments. When this is enabled, comments associated with requisitions can be added and shared with LIMS and/or Portal users; please see the Individual User Settings article for further details.

  • Filter provider accounts with the associated project. When this is set to “Yes,” the Provider Account dropdown menu within the requisition form will be filtered to display only the Provider Accounts that have that particular requisition template added as an order form. Note: if this filter is set to “Yes,” Provider Accounts with no associated order forms will not be displayed in the dropdown menu within any requisition forms.

  • Show overall test result. (Note: This feature applies to COVID-19 testing only.) When this is enabled, a column showing the overall test result of each requisition appears in report-related tables in the LIMS and Portal sites, allowing results to be sorted or filtered by this information.
  • Covid CDC Reporting, Patient Employer. When enabled, this feature will populate state COVID-19 reports with information about a patient’s employer to fulfill reporting requirements mandated at the state level. (Note: specific questions about a patient’s employer must be added to the requisition form in order for this information to populate in the report.)  
  • Portal Email Notification. This setting will send users an email notification when a report is complete, or, in the case where a requisition has multiple reports, when all tests associated with the requisition are complete. (Note: This feature applies only if your portal users are set up to receive email notifications when their reports are complete.) 

Uploading Lab Logo. This will be the logo that is displayed at the top of your LIMS and external provider portal. The logo file (.png, .pdf, or .tiff) can be dragged-and-dropped into the upload box, or may be navigated to by clicking on “Choose image.”

Note: After adding the image file, you will be directed to a window that will allow you to select which area of the picture to retain by moving the cropping area and/or re-sizing.

Tip: Don’t forget to select Save once you have made any changes or updates to the Preferences.

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