Project Settings Tab

Within in each Project are the Project Settings. These can be located by clicking Projects > Project Name and selecting the Settings Tab.

Settings will define the workflow routing, as well as the reporting and billing configurations of a sample based upon the requisition template selected.

Tip:  While the following sections provide information on how to adjust the Settings of a Project, all of the Settings for your initial Project(s) will be set by your Customer Success Manager.


Key-value attributes can be added to a Project to store additional information about the project in a convenient, searchable, and accessible way. A new attribute can be added to a Project  by clicking the [+ Add Attribute] button. Enter a Name and Value, then click Save. An attribute can be removed by clicking Remove.

Reporting and Routing

The billing and workflow routing of a sample will be defined based upon the Requisition Template(s) added.  

A requisition template can be added to a project from a dropdown menu of available Requisitions Templates by clicking the [+ Add Requisition Template] button, selecting the template to be added, and clicking Submit.

Remove a Requisition Template from a Project by clicking on the Trash Can.

To view/edit the Requisition Settings, select the desired template from the list of available templates in the Reporting and Routing section. See Project Requisition Template Settings for more information on this section.

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