Adding a Sample to an Existing Requisition

You can add a sample to an existing requisition if a new sample is received for the order (e.g. a replacement sample is sent by the ordering provider).

To add a sample to an existing requisition, open the requisition and select the “Samples” tab and Click [+Add sample].

Enter the sample’s identifier, state label (e.g. “saliva” or “blood”) and container information, then click [Create].

The Project Settings for the Requisition’s project define the initial routing for the sample based on state label, sample group, and order. If the sample is the first sample in its group (besides rejected samples), OvDx will automatically queue the sample for the appropriate workflow(s) based on the project’s settings. If you need to manually queue the sample for one or more workflows, see Section: Workflows > Manually Queueing a Sample.

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