Workflows - Performing Quality Control

The Quality Control (QC) step of a workflow involves reviewing all assay data for a given sample and determining if the results are approved, rejected, or if the sample needs to be repeated. 

To review sample data in the QC step:

1. In the left panel, click the sample you wish to review. The data for that sample will then be displayed in the panel to the right.

2. Review all assay data associated with the selected sample. 

Tip: Click the double arrows to expand the panel on the right.

3. The default status of each assay will be Accept (unless configured differently by your Customer Success team), which is shown by the green checkmark to the right of the assay. The status of the assay can be changed to Reject or Ignore by clicking on one of the other two options to the right of that assay.

4. Confirm that each assay has been reviewed by marking the checkbox to the far right. The assays can be confirmed one by one, or you can mark the check box at the top right corner of the assay list to mark them all at once.

5. Once all the assays have been reviewed for a sample, select a choice from the green dropdown menu for the sample (in the left panel).

Note: You may see an orange warning triangle by the sample status. This warning triangle is displayed to alert you to potential issues to review or resolve, but does not indicate a failure within the software or your data. 

Tip: Hovering over the warning triangle will display a link to the help article regarding possible reasons for this warning.

6. After all samples have been reviewed, click the green Submit button in the top right corner of the page.

Tip: If this is the last step in the workflow before report generation, approved data will be submitted for report generation or communicated with integrated report provider after clicking Submit.
Tip: Rejected data will not be submitted for reporting and not communicated to any integrated report provider.
Tip: A file upload can be added to this step of the workflow. Contact your Customer Success team for this configuration.
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