Sales Portal V1

The sales portal provides your sales staff, both directly employed and contracted, to see the status of  requisitions ordered by accounts. If the billing and reimbursement information is in the OvDx system the sales representatives will also be able to see it here. 

The Sales Portal can be accessed at: ID/requisitions

Tip:  Please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager if you don’t know your ORGANIZATION ID

Enter username and password to log into the Sales Portal

Upon login you will be taken to the Requisition home page. This page allows the sales representative to see all requisitions from clinics and physicians assigned to them..

These can be sorted by any or all of the following:  Clinic Name (Account), Date Received, Accessioning Status, Processing Status, Reporting Status, and Billing status.  Simply choose the search fields and then click the search button. You can also search for a specific requisition

Each sort option will show the total and adjusted charges for the entire sort. It will also show the total receipts to date of this sort. The sort can be downloaded by clicking the download button after “Requisitions found”

The sales representative can see the requested tests, status, requisition number, date received, date reported, and billing information. If there are any notes sent to the rep from the lab they will appear in the final Notes column. 

The  Status  “gumdrops” are a notification of the current requisition status. 

  • The first gumdrop is Test Order; orange is completed but not yet signed. green is completed and signed - ready for processing.
  • The second gumdrop is Processing; if it’s yellow it is in process, green it’s complete
  • The third gumdrop is Reporting; if it is grey the report is not yet generated, orange is generated but not signed by the medical director or appropriate lab personal, green is signed. Once the report is signed a notification is sent to the physician that the report is ready to view and download.
  • The fourth gumdrop is billing status. This will only be activated if the lab’s billing information is in the OvDx system.
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