OvDx Release Notes June 2019

OvDx Release Notes v1.27

June 2019

Ovation is looking to add some sizzle to your summer with hot new features and functionality in OvDx. Please take a minute to see what’s new especially with the Rejected Sample UI and the new combined Sales and Physician portal. Many of the updates in this release are the direct result of customer feedback and requests. We listen, so please keep them coming.

As always, we hope these updates will help make your life in the lab easier!

Don’t forget, you can always let us know how we are doing by sending an email to support@ovation.io

Take a look at what is new:

scientia est potentia

In order to make it easier for you to find information and ask questions while using the system we have been building out the content in our help beacon. From the little orange question mark in the bottom right hand corner of the application you can search our Knowledge Base for more detailed explanations of features and functions or send an email directly to Support.

To search the Knowledge Base in OvDx click on the orange ? and then enter a search phrase like “Release Notes” in the box with the magnifying glass. Articles found containing the search information will then be displayed in the beacon. If you want to read the article click on it. If you want to blow the article up click on the title. If you want to download the article follow the link provided. If you want to print the article select the printer icon.

To contact support directly click on Ask and then fill in your contact information and your question.

Rejection doesn’t have to hurt

Sometimes things don’t work out and samples have to be rejected. We are making it easier to do this with a new Rejected Sample process and UI.

Here is what you will see:

  • Rejection process that allows a sample to queue for another eligible workflow, queue the backup sample, or reject the sample completely
  • A list of Rejected Samples to be reviewed is now listed on the Welcome Page
  • Samples can be rejected from multiple places in a workflow
  • Requisitions with rejected samples and no backup will be automatically marked with Held status
  • Notification can be sent to Physician contacts

A sample can be rejected from the samples tab.

Clicking the Reject Sample button will prompt the user to select a reject reason.

A sample can be rejected during QC. This will also prompt the user to provide a reject reason.

If a rejected sample doesn’t have a backup sample entered the requisition status will automatically be changed to Held.

Rejected Samples are displayed in the Welcome Dashboard. To access the Rejected Samples list select the View Rejected Samples link.

Users can then determine how to handle the rejected sample, including queue it for another eligible workflow, queue the backup sample, or reject the sample completely.

If the Send Notification option is selected, then a reject document will be created for the physician contact, an email notification is generated, and a faxed document will be sent if enabled.

All together now

Sales Reps, Sales Accounts and Physician Contacts can now be created in a batch via CSV file upload.   

If issues are encountered in the file to be uploaded, they will be clearly displayed so the file can be corrected.

One portal to rule them all

We are phasing in a new portal for Sales and Physicians with greatly expanded capabilities.  We want to give you and your customers some time to get used to the new features, so for a period of time you will be able to access both the old and new portals. If you want to see what the new portal looks like just follow the link in the top header.

Here is what you will see:

  • There will be a single login page for both Sales and Physicians
  • Physicians will be able to view orders, check status, and download reports
  • Sales will be able to review sample status, payment information, and territory performance

One Login Screen for Physician and Sales access.

Physicians can view orders, check status, download reports.

Sales can review sample status, payment, and territory performance.

Bugs fixes / Improvements

  • We now display Overall Requisition Status so you can more easily filter and find requisitions

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