OvDx Release Notes October 2019

OvDx Release Notes v1.29

October 2019

A cool breeze, falling leaves, and goblins at the door. But, you don’t have time to enjoy any of it because you are running around like the headless horseman. Stop, grab a pumpkin spice latte before they are gone and take a minute to see what is new in Ovation.

A Rose by any other name:

If your Global Search returns patients with the same name you can now tell them apart with the addition of the Patient Date of Birth field on the results page.

If a tree falls in the forest:

Have you ever needed to check that the report you sent through the Portal or via Fax has been received?  We know this is an important part of servicing your customers so we have made it easier to verify report delivery status including who has downloaded the report along with date and time. We have also given you the ability to resend reports from a couple of different places.

Track Report delivery and resend a Report

On the Reports page, a timeline view is generated to indicate significant status events in the life of a report like when it was signed, downloaded, or faxed. If you need to resend a report click the Resend Email or Resend Fax button as appropriate. There are also 2 other places to resend a Report. 

Resend from the Reports section of a Requisition Dashboard

Resend from the Reports Tab of a Requisition

We like big batching and we cannot lie:

Batch creation options make processing a high volume of samples more efficient.  Now you have the ability to sort all fields and display a specific number of sample rows so the page loads much quicker.  Batch creation just became faster and easier!

Batch Creation
  1. Auto-select samples:  Batch creation in workflows are now easier with the ability to select multiple samples at a time from either a previous workflow or from uploading a sample list via CSV files.  
  2. Sortable table columns:  Ability to sort all fields (both ascending and descending) for Sample Identifier, Container, Received Date, Container Location, and Position.  Entire sample set is sorted and is not limited to the sample rows currently being viewed.
  3. Pagination of sample rows:  Sample data is displayed in a way that greatly reduces the page loading time by loading only a limited number of rows at a time.  

There’s a lot that is new in batching, so for more detailed info see our support article here. If you need additional help, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at success@ovation.io

This is the droid you're looking for:

No, it's not R2-D2, its Req-V2. Our new Requisition Version 2 (Req-V2) comes with a whole heap of enhancements, such as auto-generating identifiers, a different input style for date and time, as well as address searching and more.  

Auto-generate Identifiers

Req-V2  supports auto-generating identifiers for both the requisition identifier and the sample identifiers. These identifiers can be configured with customized prefixes and suffixes of your choosing.

The example requisition below is configured to have a prefix of “REQ” and suffixed with the number of requisitions in the organization to at least 3 digit

Date and Time Input

Entering the date and time of sample collection and sample receipt will be handled via keyboard inputs. The Received toggle can be activated by tabbing to that field and pressing the spacebar. Similarly, tabbing through the Date Received field will enter the current date and time.

Patient and Address Search

Existing patients can be found by filling in any of the Patient Information fields and clicking Search Patient.

New patients can be entered by clicking the Search Patient button, and then the Create new patient button.

Addresses can be searched by typing in part of the address in the search field.

Diagnosis and ICD-10 Search

The patient diagnosis can be searched by disease name or ICD-10 code by using the search drop down.

Stop the presses:

Actually, just stop the paper requisitions. With Req-V2, you have the option to enable online order entry, making sending samples easier for your customers and accessioning faster for you.

Online Ordering

Once Req-V2 forms are set up for your provider accounts, those providers (or their approved contacts) can order a test directly through the Physicians Portal. Orders are automatically generated in your OvDx system and will appear “on hold” in the Requisitions section until you receive the samples and mark them for processing. If desired, the Requisition form may also be printed from the Portal to be included with samples or kits being sent to your lab.

If you’d like to use Req-V2 and Online ordering for your Lab, please contact your Customer Success Manager via email at success@ovation.io and they will help set it up for you.

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