OvDx Release Notes January 2020

OvDx Release Notes v1.31

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our update is so delightful.  Winter is in full swing, and whether you’re enjoying some fresh powder in the mountains or escaping to a beach, Ovation doesn’t stop working for your lab!  Grab a coffee or some hot chocolate, and check out these updates.

Really, who likes math? Let’s face it, no one likes calculating analytics manually, whether on a spreadsheet, via calculator or roughshod in your head.  So, we’re taking steps to automate it for you! We’ve added two graphs and charts to the analytics section of OvDx. You can now see repeat/failure rate in graphical form, see data by sales accounts and your average turnaround time by step in your workflow by selected date range.

This chart shows you the breakdown of assignments showing queued, completed or rejected.

This is at the bottom of your analytics page, showing your sample turnaround time statuses.

Jump into the deep end of the pool:

No more wading in slowly or doggy paddling while biding your time.  You can now upload pooling data using a .CSV file instead of painstakingly doing it one by one.  No matter how heavy your usage, this should save you a significant amount of time and energy.

Whooooo are you?  Who, who?

Required Patient fields in Req V2 are customizable now.  If a specific patient field isn’t required by your requisition, you now have the ability to remove it, making your requisition fit your lab’s specific needs.  The opposite is also true, where you can make specific fields required. Want email to be required? No problem! Don’t need to know which country? Remove it!

If you’re not using ReqV2, and would like to transition, please contact your customer success manager at Success@ovation.io

Rows or Columns?  Columns or Rows?

Instead of defaulting to columns in the sample display, you now have the ability to view your samples in a plate in row format or column format.  This allows you to match your lab’s workflows to what is shown in OvDx, preventing any confusion or mistakes in sample prep.

Label your containers:

You can find things much easier if your containers are labeled properly.  In this case, we’ve updated the UI in the container ID assignment section on the requisition and online order form to reduce clicks and provide clarity. This section will now default to have the container ID auto-assigned and a toggle can be clicked if you would like to assign your own container ID instead

Here is the toggle turned on, where Ovation will create a container ID for you:

Here is the toggle turned off, where you can enter your own ID or barcode: 

Let’s split the bill:

Sometimes, you have to go Dutch.  Secondary Service lab accounts are now available to nest under your primary provider accounts.  For example, if you’re ordering a test, but the sample that needs examining is in another office, you can request the sample be sent from the other site to the testing facility, including your NPI number and their NPI number with the order.  

In addition, we fixed a bug where importing a significant amount of sales accounts at once would cause a timeout.  Now, it will run in the background and you’ll receive a notification once complete.  

That’s it.  Hooray! You made it to the end.  *high five*

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