OvDx Release Notes February 2020

OvDx Release Notes v1.32 

Did you hear that Punxsatawnie Phil saw his shadow? Bill Murray is probably thrilled that Groundhog Day showed an early spring.  Here at Ovation we’re looking forward to the smell of fresh cut grass, blossoming trees, warmer weather and most importantly more OvDx updates to help your lab.  Here are the seeds we’re planting with this update:

No more wrong numbers!

Getting someone’s phone or email wrong is the worst feeling, right?  We’ve made it much easier to edit a physician or sales rep’s contact information and preferences.  You can navigate to a sales account, click contacts, choose the contact to edit their information and then click save.  No more wrong numbers!

Let’s sort it out.

Sorting to find what you want can be a chore.  All these workflows, and you can’t find the right one!  Now, you can sort the workflows chart by number of samples in ascending or descending order, as well as alphabetically (top right rectangle).  In addition within the workflows table you can sort and filter each column. 

One report, multiple contacts, no problem

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to medical outcomes.  Now, you have the ability to share reports with multiple contacts if necessary.  Add the physician contact to the sales account and click “fax signed reports” and enter a fax number.  

Bulking up those Requisitions

Do you have a lot of requisitions and don’t like importing them one by one?  Who would!? Now you can bulk import in a project using a .csv file. Go to projects and click the project of interest.  Click requisitions, then the green “add requisition” button on the right, then import requisition. Use the drop down menu to choose a requisition type and you can see “download template file” under the drop down, or  you can create your own with the columns and rows shown.

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