OvDx Release Notes March 2020

“Delivered” state for requisitions

Previously requisitions transitioned from the “Complete” state to “Downloaded” once a report has been downloaded. With the new “Delivered” state, a requisition can be configured to transition from “Complete” to “Delivered” by:

  • Automatically transition to “Delivered” when all reports have been downloaded
  • Require a lab admin or physician contact to explicitly mark a report as delivered to the patient

Note: If a corrected report is generated, the requisition’s status will transition to “Delivered*”. You can filter requisitions by each state. 

State Definition:

  • Completed – The workflow is complete and reports are available for download
  • Delivered – All reports have been downloaded
  • Delivered* - A corrected report is available for download

To configure:

  • Administration > Preferences: Automatic Delivered status = no

Rejected samples enhancements

You can now quickly process rejected samples directly from the Welcome dashboard. The rejected samples table now allows you to specify next steps for a rejected sample, including an option to:

  • Remove sample from the rejected queue
  • Reject sample without sending a notification

Online Ordering Enhancements

  • Electronic signature support for online ordering - Enable electronic signature for your physician portal. Online orders submitted via the physician portal would require a physician or delegate to approve the order before its submitted to the lab. 

Note: Provider contact needs to be “Physician Delegate” to sign orders

  • Cancel Online Order – Online orders can be cancelled by providers. Orders can only be cancelled if the requisition has a “Held” status, meaning it hasn’t been received by the lab

Improved Patient Search in Req v2

We’ve made it easier for accessioners to search or create a new patient in the req v2 form. 


  • The default setting is to create a new patient
  • If you click “Search Patient”, a window will open where you can enter patient information and perform a search.  If you select a result, the patient information will be overwritten with the selected patient’s information

File Upload to QC Step

You can now add a file upload step to your Quality Control workflow 

Report breakdown chart

We’ve added a Report Breakdown chart to the Turnaround Times report to show correct reports (Revised) as a percentage of total reports (Reports).

Secondary Service Lab Enhancements

We’ve added an option to create a new Secondary Sales Account from within the “Secondary Services” section.

Release 1.33 includes these bug fixes and improvements:

  • Addresses an issue where physician contacts were receiving multiple email notifications when added to multiple organizations
  • Fixes an issue where corrected reports were not visible
  • Addresses an issue where Patient or Facility Pay fields on Requisition v2 forms were not able to be set to optional 
  • Addresses an issue where Physician Information was not being required in Requisition v1 forms 
  • Fixes an issue where not all patient information was populated when using patient search
  • Fixes an issue where navigating through sample states did not highlight selected sample
  • Resolves an issue where counts for the workflow queue graph were sometimes incorrect
  • Fixes the batch sample csv header to “Sample Identifier”
  • Resolves a navigation issue after editing a sales rep’s information. Saving or cancelling now navigates the user back to the Sales Group page.  
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