OvDx Release Notes April 2020

COVID-19 Test Result Reporting

If you are doing COVID-19 testing, please see our page on the pandemic, including links to our blog with frequent updates.  Our Head of Clinical Affairs, Dr. Pauline Gee, has put together some amazing resources for labs to utilize.  If you are interested in expanding your lab’s capabilities to test for this novel virus, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Note: we removed the table view settings enhancement and deferred it to the next release so we can further test it for a better user experience

New Enhancements:

  • Integration with Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub for easy access to your sequencing data
  • We’ve renamed “Physician” to “Provider” and “Sales Account” to “Provider Account” in OvDx and the Portal since not all providers within a sales account are physicians.   
  • Provider Name (previously Physician Name) is now searchable in the Provider Portal. The Provider Name column can be sorted and filtered.
  • Documents are now uploadable under Provider Accounts > Info such as electronic signature authorization forms. 

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Resolved an issue where turnaround time calculations were incorrect for legacy requisitions
  • Fixed an issue where the import template for requisition v2 was not exporting with all fields in the requisition form 
  • Addressed an issue where organization logos were not properly sized
  • Resolved an issue where an error message was generated when adding a provider to a sales account
  • Fixed an issue where saving tests to multiple panels was not working 
  • Addressed an issue in the Online Portal to limit the list of available Providers to only those you’re associated with as a contact 
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