OvDx Release Notes May 2020

Receive Samples

We’ve added a new “Samples” page where you can efficiently accession multiple samples and track their progress. To accession a sample, users can scan or type in sample or container identifier(s) or upload a csv file. Ovation will automatically search for requisitions with matching identifiers to mark the samples as received. If a sample is not found, users can search by patient information or by requisition number to assign a requisition to a sample. 

Note: to activate the next three features, please contact succes@ovation.io

Requisition Comments 

Now, you can communicate with lab staff, sales reps, and providers using comments on requisitions.  Comments can be set to be visible by lab staff only, sales reps, providers, or all users.  You can also mention users or user roles in comments to notify them via email. To enable Comments, navigate to Administration > Display Preferences.

Click the chat icon in the lower right hand corner for quick access to comments as you’re navigating through a requisition.

Email Notifications

Email is another very important tool, and we want to help you configure your notifications.  You can configure your notification preferences to receive emails for system notifications and comments. To update your notification settings click on your username, then click Settings.

System Notifications (requires “Notifications” user role):

  • When requisitions are submitted via online order (UPDATE: As of 5/22/2020, this feature is under construction)
  • When requisitions are submitted via external system (UPDATE: As of 5/22/2020, this feature is under construction)
  • When fax report delivery fails


  • When comments are added
  • When you are mentioned in a comment

Fax History

Faxes are an important tool in your arsenal, and now you can view your fax history.  To view your fax history, check a fax status and resend failed faxes go to the Fax History dashboard in Analytics, then click Fax History.  If you want to receive email notifications about failed faxes, please contact success@ovation.io

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Report*

This enhancement allows your lab to provide regular updates on antimicrobial use and resistance. You can create reports ad-hoc or schedule reports to run monthly or quarterly and send the results automatically to the people who need to see them.

*Requires subscription to OvDi

Requisition Report location change

Requisition reports have moved from the Business tab to the Analytics tab.  Users will need the “Requisition Report” permission set to Admin to access this page.

Other enhancements

  • You can now print requisition forms including electronic signatures and supplemental documents as additional pages in the printed document. To enable the standard print template, contact your Customer Success Manager. 
  • Req v2 form setting enhancements including adding Middle Name as an optional field for Patient Information and separating Primary and Secondary Insurance Provider fields
  • Table view settings are now persisted so when you navigate away from a page and come back, you’ll see the same information.
  • For Req v2 forms now show the count of selected tests when tests are collapsed
  • Added Secondary Provider as a column in the Provider Accounts csv export
  • Added Project as a column in Batch Creation step
  • You can now select multiple Providers from the dropdown menu to add as a Provider Account contact
  • We’ve added a Default Country to your organization settings (Administration > Display Preferences) to auto-populate country for address inputs 

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where Patient Address was appearing on the requisition form when the template was set to hidden
  • Resolved an issue where the Requisitions by Template pie chart on the Project Dashboard was not filtering by the selected date range
  • Improved performance when loading the Welcome Dashboard 
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