OvDx Release Notes February 2021

The New Look and Feel for Ovation

We are continuously working to improve our products and user experience. We’ve made several design changes to simplify and standardize the user experience. Below we’ve listed some of the highlights.

  • Simplified navigation - Less commonly used pages are grouped within the “More” menu. The user and organization menu were consolidated into a single menu item 
  • Updated type, button styles, tab styles, and menu styles 
  • Renamed “Welcome Home” dashboard header to “Dashboard”
  • Default sort order is always newest to oldest 
  • We eliminated the use of “accessioning” to refer to order intake. “Accession status” is now “Req Form status” and any use of “accessioning” has been replaced with “req form”


Our OvRx platform allows clinicians to consult with PharmDs on antibacterial medication recommendations. With OvRx, clinicians can:

  • View top line medication recommendations as well as alternatives 
  • Search existing databases for medications 
  • Get the full context on pathogens and agents via Sanford Guide 
  • Enable Pharmacists to add specific patient notes and recommendations, as well as delivery route, dosage, and other considerations 

Portal enhancements:

  • We added the ability for portal users to save orders as a Draft in the portal
  • We optimized the order of data fields in the Sample and Patient sections of Requisition Forms to accommodate more efficient data entry.
  • Bulk report download now available
  • Requisition Reports are now available in the Sales and Provider Portal. Please contact success@ovation.io to enable this feature
  • We added the ability to sort by Overall Test Result in the Portal (for COVID-19 reports only)
  • We now display complete patient information in the Portal once an order has begun processing
  • All reports associated with a requisition are now visible and downloadable, including corrected reports
  • We added the option to require Providers (or delegates) to accept a signature attestation statement prior to submitting an order for medical review purposes. Contact success@ovation.io to enable this feature.

COVID-19 Report changes:

  • We removed the HHS FEMA covid report. Covid reporting is available with the CDC report.
  • COVID-19 patient reports can now be configured to display static signature images. Contact success@ovation.io to implement this feature.
  • We added the ability to display a raw data value from instrument files on COVID-19 patient reports.  Please contact success@ovation.io to implement this feature.
  • We added a column for the Original Reported Date (the date the result was first delivered to the provider) to the COVID-19 State/CDC report.  This new column will appear after the Revised Report column.
  • When generating the COVID-19 State/CDC report, you can now select which columns to include in the report as well as schedule it to run automatically every day, week, or month.

Analytics enhancements:

  • We added a new Analytics feature called QC Workflow Report for workflows that have a QC step. This report is user configurable and can be generated to include Workflow Types, Workflow Batch ID, Samples and Controls within the Workflow, Datetime stamps of steps completed, and results data from uploaded files. To activate this feature, set the QC Workflow Reports permission to Admin (Administration > Users & Permissions > Roles & Permissions table > QC Workflow Reports permission > Admin).
  • Requisition Report changes:
    • You can now automatically verify (sign) your Requisition Forms without entering a password if all required fields are completed. Contact success@ovation.io to enable this feature.
    • You can now schedule requisition reports to run automatically every day, week or month.
    • You can now select which columns to include in the requisition report including custom attribute values and sample reject reason.
    • We updated the requisition report so that samples are reported as individual rows instead of pipe delimited. 
    • When downloading a requisition import template, there is now an additional column called "License Registry" that allows for import of non-NPI providers.  Previous templates without this column are still compatible with the requisition import feature. Contact success@ovation.io if you are using non-NPI providers and want to take advantage of this new functionality.
  • Requisition Form changes:
    • You can now automatically verify (sign) your Requisition Forms without entering a password if all required fields are completed. Contact success@ovation.io to enable this feature.
    • You can configure your requisition form to include instructional text to help users complete the form accurately. 
    • You can now choose to auto-populate Provider Account name and mailing address when using the Institutional Bill option in the requisition. 

Requisition enhancements:

Strict Requisition Import Validation is now available to turn on. This improved logic will point out requisition issues, not allowing the next steps to occur if the errors aren’t resolved.

Search enhancements:

  • When using the Patient Search function in the requisition form, previous billing information for that patient is now populated automatically.
  • When using the Patient Search function in the requisition form, your search results are now sorted by a new Created Date column.
  • Global search results with multiple pages can now be downloaded to a .CSV.  Note: only the results displayed on the current page will be downloaded (max 200).
  • You can now search by date-of-birth in the global search feature (search format must match your input setting in Display Preferences)
  • We added date-of-birth and created date columns to the requisitions table in global search results.

Notification enhancements:

  • We added a new email notification setting for when a report fails to generate.  You can turn this on under your user notification settings.
  • Previously, "report ready" email notifications were sent to provider contacts when one report was released on a requisition, even in the case of two reports being generated from a single requisition. Now, within Display Preferences, you have the option to send these notifications when all reports are released on the same requisition.  

Other enhancements:

  • Users with sufficient rights to reject a sample can also now undo sample rejection
  • Users with sufficient rights to cancel a requisition can also now undo a requisition cancellation.

Two-Factor Verification

Two-factor verification is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password. When you want to sign in, you'll need to provide two pieces of information—your password and a verification code. Two-factor verification can be enabled organization-wide or per user.

Other enhancements

  • Sales groups has been enabled allowing you to organize sales reps into teams, and assign managers
  • Zebra printers are now supported using the Zebra browser plugin on these browsers: Internet Explorer v11 or later, Chrome v51 or later and Safari.  These printers are supported: QLn series, ZT200™ series, ZT400™ series, ZD500™ series, ZD400™ series, LP2824+, GK420, GX420. 
  • We can now integrate with ArcherDx. Contact success@ovation.io to implement this feature.
  • We’ve added API support to upload and download supplemental documents for requisitions. Contact success@ovation.io for more information.

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