API Integration Journey

API Integration Journey

This article is an overview of the steps required to complete an API integration with your OvDx LIMS.  The article is intended for project managers or IT representatives to help navigate the necessary configuration and testing steps of integration.  We have provided links to other, more detailed, instructions within the overview below for additional information.


  1. *Integration Requisition Template:  Your Ovation Implementation team will create or use an existing requisition template in your OvDx LIMS environment to be used for integration testing.
  2. Integration Compendium:  Your Ovation Implementation team will provide a compendium containing necessary information to complete your API/webhook integration. The compendium will contain information needed to configure your API/webhook payloads.
  3. *User Access to API and/or Webhook:  Your team adds a new user in your OvDx LIMS and assigns them the role of “Integration Specialist” in the system and in the Project.
    1. Determine a generic or ‘group’ user email that can be used by multiple webhook users for administration.
    2. Check out the video or article on “Adding New Users to OvDx”
    3. Add group user email and name to OvDx LIMS (i.e., First Name=Webhook, Last Name = User Lab Name, Email = webhookuser@greatlab.com)
    4. Assign the new (group) user a Role of Integration Specialist in the OvDx LIMS.
    5. Assign the new user a Role of Integration Specialist in the Project.
  4. *Create a token for API payload: Your Integration Specialist creates a token in the OvDx LIMS environment.
    1. Check out the article, API endpoints and authentication
    2. Note that tokens need to be created independently in both Sandbox and Production environments
  5. Creating Orders Only
    1. Creating Requisition/Order via API
      1. Use API Compendium to create the test requisition order
      2. Create Req: Requisition APIs
  6. *Creating Webhook if Results are to be included
    1. “Integration Specialist” sets up webhook through API call
      1. Available webhooks: Webhooks - Ovation Diagnostic
      2. Create webhook: Webhook APIs
      3. View webhook: Webhook APIs
      4. Update your webhook: Webhook APIs
      5. Sandbox & Production (webhooks need to be created independently of each other in each environment)
  7. “Integration Specialist” sends test order to Sandbox environment
  8. Lab reviews order & signs generated report to generate report_signed webhook
    1. “Integration Specialist” adjusts create req API payload based on feedback
  9. Lab & “Integration Specialist” approve OvDx LIMS build of live Production environment

*These steps apply to both the OvDx LIMS testing ‘Sandbox’ (https://lab-sandbox.ovation.io) environment and the live OvDx LIMS Production environment (https://lab.ovation.io).

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