Correcting a Report

One of the new features in Ovation is adding an Addendum page to your reports. The Addendum page is added to the last page of the report.

To add an addendum page to an existing report:

1.      From the Reports tab of a completed Requisition, click on the Sign now button of the report you wish to sign off on.

2.   To sign off on the report, enter your password, then click Approve.

3.     Verifications appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen indicating the document has been signed. 

4.      To amend this report, click Generate Report.

5.      The Report Generation request dialog opens. The status is now unsigned. Click sign now.

6.      The report sign off box opens. Input your amendment as well as your password and click Approve.

7.       The dialog box displays the verifications and corrections and indicates the document has been signed (amended).

8.      When you return the Projects/Reports page, you’ll see visual confirmation that the report has been approved (corrected).

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