OvDx Release Notes March 2019

OvDx Release Notes v1.25

March 2019

If the Spring Forward has put you behind, please take a moment to see how Ovation’s new features can free up some time. As always, we hope these updates will help make your life in the lab easier!

Don’t forget, you can always let us know how we are doing by sending an email to support@ovation.io

Take a look at what is new:

Bigger, Better, Batching:

We have added a new section to the Batch Creation screen that allows you to easily see all of the samples that have been selected for inclusion in a batch and if necessary, remove them.

Making QC as easy as 1,2,3:

Status state in the QC Activity can now be saved without submitting the entire activity.  This means that users will no longer need to review large workflow results all at once. Samples can also be easily marked as reviewed by selecting the check box.

 Tell your samples where to go:

Samples can now be routed to one or multiple workflows by any combination of sample types, group, or test panels. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to configure this feature for your lab.

Queued samples can now also be viewed, removed from a queue, or added to another queue from the View Queued Samples link on the Workflows tab.

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