Portal Analytics

The Analytics tab of the Provider Portal contains the aggregate COVID-19 result report which is formatted for State CDC reporting. This report can list all COVID-19 patient results submitted by the Provider and Provider Account that are associated with the current user who is logged into the portal.  If you are a contact for multiple Provider Accounts and Providers, you may generate COVID-19 reports for:

  • All Provider Accounts + All Providers
  • Individual Provider Accounts + one, some, or ALL Providers
  • Individual Providers + one, some, or ALL Provider Accounts

To generate/view the COVID-19 report:

  1. From the Portal Orders screen, navigate to Analytics > COVID-19

Note: In order to see the Analytics page, your permission level must be set to Primary Contact. Please contact the lab if your permissions need to be updated.

   2. Click the green Generate Report button.

Note: If you have generated previous COVID-19 reports, they will be listed here.

   3. Keep the default of ‘All Provider Accounts’ plus ‘All Provider(s)’ or design custom reports from the drop-down selections.

   4. Select the box next to “State CDC”

   5. Enter the desired date range

   6. Click the green Submit button

   7. Once the green link to the report is displayed, you may click on the file name to download the .csv file.  

Tip: The downloaded .csv file may be opened in MS Excel and formatted as a table for further customization.

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