Online Ordering Quick Guide

This guide briefly describes how to place online orders from the Provider Portal. For more detailed instructions, please read our Online Ordering Instructions - Full Guide. To learn how to view and download patient reports, please see our Access Patient Reports article.

Tip: If you have trouble placing an order, please contact us using the ‘Contact Support’ email button at the top of the Portal screen.

Login to the Provider Portal at

From the Orders page, click the “Add Order” button.

Completing the Order Form

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to submit the order.

1. Select the Provider Account, Provider, and Order Form from the drop-down menus.

2. Fill in the Identifier (if not auto-generated) and any required fields.

Note: The Identifier field of the Requisition Information section might be pre-populated in the gray box. Alternately, type in or scan the Identifier.

Note: If the “Save Draft” button is green, you may save your order as a draft and come back later to complete the order and “Submit” it for processing. 

Samples (this section may not be present in your order form)

Note: If there is only one sample and/or container type associated with the requisition, it will be auto-selected.

1. Enter the Sample type, Collection Date/Time, and the Container type from the drop-down menus.

2. Assign the Container ID (learn how below)

Do you want to scan a barcode or special ID for your sample? (i.e., A container ID could be a collection kit barcode you want to scan.)

No: Leave the green Container ID toggle on, fill in an optional sample location, and click the “Assign Container” button.

Yes: Click the green “Container ID” toggle to turn it off, scan or type in your container ID, fill in an optional sample location, and click the “Assign Container” button.

Note: To save your order as a draft you will need to complete the Sample section (but it can be modified at a later time prior to submitting your order).

Test, Medications, and New Patient Information and Billing

1. Select the test(s) to be performed.

2. Select medications by ICD10 code or disease name (optional)

3. Enter new patient information (or use “Search Patient” as described below)

Search for an existing patient

1. Click the white “Search Patient” button located on the top right of this section.

2. Fill in any data field to search for the patient 

3. Click the green “Search” button.

4. Select the patient from the list provided.

Submit the order

Tip: If you cannot select the “Submit” button at the top of your screen, click on the green “What’s missing?” link to view missing fields, then click on “Hide Errors” to minimize the screen.

After you submit the order, our laboratory will automatically see it in the system.

Note: If your order form is configured to require an electronic signature, you will be required to Sign and Submit.

Print or Cancel Order

  • Click the printer icon to print a PDF of the completed order and send it with your sample or kit.
  • Click the “Cancel Order” button in the upper right corner of the screen to cancel the order. 

Note: Orders cannot be cancelled from the Portal after the sample has been received by the laboratory. Please contact the laboratory directly if an order needs to be cancelled after it has been received. The laboratory support email is listed on the top right of the Portal.

Need Help?

Contact our support team at the email address in the upper right corner of the portal screen or use the blue “Help” beacon at the bottom right to search for answers yourself.

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