Adding a New Control

When creating a control, you will want to sort your controls into categories or buckets. Here are the steps you should follow.

Navigate to More > Lab > Controls  

  • Click the green Add Control button, name your Control, and click Create
  • Select the appropriate tag(s) from the dropdown menu and click the green Add tag
    • The tags are what link the control to the workflow. To know what tag should be added, go to the workflow where you want the control to show up and look for the orange tag near the top of the batch creation step of that workflow.

  • You will then need to create Control containers which represent the actual individual controls used in testing
  • Click the green Add Container button
  • Fill in all necessary metadata for the Control container
    • Required fields are marked with an asterisk
    • The Identifier field must match the value in any uploaded data file that may contain that control
    • Barcode Label values must be unique
    • If Expiration Date is entered, this control container will no longer be available to select in workflows after that date
  • Click Create

  • You will then be returned to the Control page where you can see the new control container has been created
    • Note: If there is more than one control container for a single control, those containers will be available for selection via dropdown menu in the workflow (unless they are expired or marked as empty)
  • Click Save

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