Adding a New Plating Configuration

Plating Configurations provide the system with your lab’s specific routing of samples from a source plate to a destination plate.  These configurations will become options in the drop down menus of Plating steps.

Tip: Your Customer Success Manager will set up initial plating configurations during the implementation process.  This process can be a bit complicated, so please contact Support or Customer Success if you would like assistance the first time you do it on your own.

Go to Administration > Lab > Plating Configurations

  • Click [+ Add Plating Configuration] button

  • Name your Plating Configuration (ex. OpenArray Plating)
  • Under Input, upload a tab-delimited text file (.TXT) with no column names and the following column values:  Well Position in column 1 and Sample Name in column 2

Tip: the sample names in the setup file are placeholders. They must be unique and should match the sample names used in the output files (see below).

  • Under Output, pick a Destination Plate type by clicking [Select Plate Type]
  • Enter the column names from your file for both well position and sample identifier
  • Upload a tab-delimited text file (.TXT) with the following column names:  Address (for good position) and SampleID (for sample identifier)

Tip: the sample name placeholders (in SampleInfo.SampleID) column must match the placeholder names used in the Input setup file (see above).

  • To add multiple output setup files, drag and drop more files into the "Drop Files Here" area in the Output column
  • Click [Create]

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