Adding a Sales Group and Group Manager

What are Sales Groups?

Sales Groups are optional in OvDx and can serve as a way to organize Sales Reps and assign dedicated Group Managers to the team. If assigned, Group Managers can use the external Sales Portal to see the activity of all Sales Reps in the Sales Group. You can also create Sub Groups, whose activity is also visible by the Group Manager of the parent group.

Tip: Think of Sales Groups as territories or regions, and Sub Groups as states or areas within a territory or region

This article includes:

Add a Sales Group

1. Click the “More” button on the top navigation bar

2. Hover over “Business”

3. Select “Sales Groups”

4. Click “New Group”

5. Type a name for your Sales Group in the box (e.g., West Coast)

6. Click “Create”

Add a Sub Group to the Sales Group

Note: Sales Reps may only be associated with one Sales Group at this time, so if you are using Sub-Groups then you should add your Sales Rep to their Sub-Group and not the high-level Sales Group.

1. Click the arrow next to the Sales Group

2. Click “New Group” under the existing sales group

Remove a Sales Group

In order to remove a Sales Group, you must first remove all of its associated Sales Reps and Sub-Groups. Once all associations are removed, the “Remove” button will turn from gray to green.

Prefer video format?

You can watch this 3 minute video covering the adding of a sales group.

Tip: Use the pop-out arrow on the top-right of the video screen to expand the video window.
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