Workflows - Creating a Batch

Batch creation is the process of adding a sample or samples to a batch in order to run a specific test or series of tests.

Tip:  All Ovation workflows begin with creating a batch.

When creating a batch, you will need to determine which controls you are going to associate with this testing activity and assign them to the batch.

Tip:  You can scan the barcode on the control to find and select it, or click the radio button.

Next, select samples for the batch, either individually or as a group.

Tip:  Samples will automatically be selected which are available for adding to the batch.  

To select individual samples, scan the barcode on the sample, type the SampleID in the filter search field, or click the radio button to the left of the sample(s).

Tip: If you don’t see the sample that you want to select, review the accession for that sample to ensure that it is enabled for processing.

To select a group of samples, use the Lookup Workflow or Upload sample list buttons.

Lookup Workflow

Samples from previous workflows can be added to or replace the existing samples in the batch. 

1. Click Lookup Workflow.

2. Screen will display all existing workflow batches. Workflows can be found by searching for specific text in the search box or sorting the rows by Batch, Date Started, or Workflow Type.

3. Once a Workflow is found, samples within that workflow can be added to the batch (click Add to Batch button) or can replace the entire batch (click Replace Batch button).

4. A message will appear that displays number of samples added to the batch.

Tip: Samples that were rejected in the previous workflow will not be added to the new batch.   

Upload Sample List

Users can upload a CSV file that contains sample identifiers or container barcodes that will auto-select those samples to create a new batch.  

1. Click Upload Sample List.

2. Click on the link “...or click here to select files from your computer” or drag and drop the CSV into the Drop File Here box.  Click Submit.

3. A message will appear that displays number of samples added to the batch.

Tip: Uploaded samples replace any samples currently in new batch.

Upon selecting samples to add to a batch, you will populate the list to the right which represents all samples that will be added upon clicking Submit.

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