Resending "Report Ready" Notifications to Provider Contacts

Once a report has been generated and signed, an email notification gets automatically sent.  Just in case it gets lost or needs to be sent again, we have created the option to resend the email notification easily.  In addition, on the same page you can see who signed off on the report with date and time, along with who has downloaded the report with dates and times included.  

There are two places to access this feature: on the specific requisition’s dashboard page and on the reports page under the specific requisition.  For the former, scroll down on the requisition dashboard to see all of the reports generated.  A downloaded report will show a green “downloaded” notification, and next to it is who signed off on the report as well as who downloaded it.  If you click “reports” on the dashboard page, you will see all the reports generated, and have the same view as described above.  In this image you can see that Prashant Patch approved the report (1), and there have been multiple downloads (2).  If you click the elipses under Prashant’s name you will see the date and time of approval.  If you click the elipses under “multiple downloads” you will see the name, time and date of everyone who has downloaded the report.  The last elipses (3) will allow you to resend the email. 

Lastly, you can see the “resend email” button when viewing a completed report.  If a report hasn’t been completed yet, the green “resend email” button will be an orange “incomplete reports” and you will not be able to resend the completion email.  The image below shows the green “resend email” button on the right hand side of the sample report.

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