Triggered when the report_status changes to signed

Sample Payload

  "eventType": "report_signed",
  "eventDetails": "",
  "requisitionIdentifier": "req-001",
  "sampleIdentifier": "sample-001",
  "patientMRN": "0010015000",
  "sampleGroup": "default",
  "sampleLabel": "sample-label",
  "salesAccountName": "Sales Account Name",
  "salesAccountNumber": "99952255",
  "physicianNPI": "0000000000",
  "reportResult": " 'Detected' | 'Not detected' | 'Inconclusive' ",
  "reportResultDetails": {
    "company_name": "Company XXYY",
    "physician": "Physician Name",
    "panel_name": "panel_name",
    "panel_code": "panel-001"
  "reportType": "default",
  "reportDate": "2020-01-01",
  "reportDownloadLink": "https://link_to_download_pdf"

Payload description

Key Type Description
reportResultDetails object Contains detailed information about the report result
eventType string The action performed
eventDetails string Details related to the action performed
requisitionIdentifier string Requisition identifier
sampleIdentifier string Sample identifier
patientMRN string Patient mrn identifier
sampleGroup string Sample group name
sampleLabel string Sample Label description
salesAccountName string Sales Account name
salesAccountNumber string Sales Account number
physicianNPI string The Physician NPI identifier
reportResult string The report result
  • Detected or Positive
  • Not Detected or Negative
  • Inconclusive
  • Invalid
reportType string Report type
reportDate string Report date
reportDownloadLink string The link to download the report file
(A GET call to this link with the same Bearer Token header
used in the V3 API calls will allow this report to be downloaded)
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