The report_signed and report_corrected webhooks are both triggered when a report is signed. The payload for both has the same structure, with the only difference being the value of the eventType field. If the report is an initial report or a regenerated report of type Final, eventType will be "report_signed". If it is a regenerated report of type Correction, eventType will be "report_corrected". They are two distinct webhooks and they must be each be configured to receive a webhook whenever any report is signed.

Sample Payload

  "eventType": "report_signed",
  "eventDetails": "",
  "projectTemplateId": "12345",
  "requisitionIdentifier": "req-001",
  "reportDownloadLink": "https://link_to_download_pdf",
  "signedBy": [
      "name": "",
      "email": "",
      "signedDateTime": ""

Payload Description

Key Type Description
eventType string Either report_signed or report_correction_signed
eventDetails string Not used
projectTemplateId string Internal identifier of the project template
requisitionIdentifier string Requisition identifier
sampleIdentifier string Sample identifier
patientIdentifier string Patient identifier
patientMRN string Patient medical record number
patientFirstName string Patient first name
patientLastName string Patient last name
patientDateOfBirth string Patient date of birth
patientAddressLine1 string Patient address line 1 (street address)
patientAddressLine2 string Patient address line 2 (suite/apartment #)
patientCity string Patient city
patientState string Patient state
patientPostalCode string Patient postal code
patientPhoneNumber string Patient phone number
patientRace string Patient race
  • White
  • Asian
  • American Indian / Alaska Native
  • Black / African American
  • Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
  • Undisclosed
patientEthnicity string Patient ethnicity
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Not Hispanic or Latino
  • Undisclosed
patientGender string Patient gender
  • male
  • female
  • undisclosed
patientCustomAttributes object Key value pairs for all custom attributes associated with the patient
sampleGroup string Sample group name
sampleLabel string Sample Label description
providerAccountName string Provider account name
providerAccountNumber string Provider account number
string Provider account street address line 1 (street address)
string Provider account  street address line 2 (suite/apartment #)
string Provider account city
string Provider account state
string Provider account postal code
string Provider account country
string Provider account phone number
providerNPI string The Provider NPI identifier
providerFirstName string Provider first name
providerLastName string Provider last name
reportResult string The report result ( COVID only)
  • Detected or Positive
  • Not Detected or Negative
  • Inconclusive
  • Invalid
reportResultDetails deprecated object Get test results by calling the Test Results API (link) passing a workflowSampleResultId returned by this webhook in the sampleTestResults. (See below.)
reportResultDetails contains detailed information about the report result, the format of which varies across reports, even for the same lab, depending on system configuration.
array This is an array of objects, each of which is a sampleIdentifier-workflowSampleResultId pair that represents a result generated by workflow in this report and therefore for this sample. Note that, in some configurations, multiple workflows can generate results for a sample that are all represented in a report. sampleIdentifier will always be the same and will always match the sampleIdentifier at the root level of this payload.
GET on the testResults endpoint (link), passing a workflowSampleResultId from this payload to get details for that result.
reportType string Report type
reportDate string Report signed at date
reportDateTime string Report signed at date time in ISO8601 format
collectionDateTime string Sample collection date time in ISO8601 format
receivedDateTime string Sample received date time in ISO8601 format
reportDownloadLink string The link to download the report file
A GET to this link with the same Bearer Token header used in the API calls will allow this report to be downloaded.
signedBy array Contains an array of records for each person who signed the report.
Each record includes:
  • name
  • email
  • signedDateTime
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