Report APIs

You can manage reports with the following APIs.

Update Report Contents

Use this API to add document contents to a report record that already exists on a requisition.

HTTP Request

PUT /api/v3/reports/{reportId}

Query Parameters

Key Required Description
reportId yes Supply the report's internal identifier. Subscribe to a report_ready_for_generation webhook to get this information. Ovation must first create the report entity in order for you to then update it with report contents using this API.

Request Body

"report": {
	"requisitionIdentifier": "string",
	"reportContent": "string"
Field name Description
requisitionIdentifier The Requisition Identifier of the requisition the report is to be associated with
reportContent Serialized base64-encoded content of the report

Report Response

Response code Response body
201 Indicating the report was successfully added
401 Indicating an authentication error
422 Indicating an error with the request

Will return the validation errors found.

"Report ID required", "Requisition not found", "Report not found", "Invalid Requisition for Report"

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