Resource APIs

Create Resource

Use this API to upload files and attach them to workflow activities.

HTTP Request

POST /api/v3/resources

Query Parameters




organizationId yes The organization's internal identifier. (It's the 123 here:
requisitionIdentifier yes The Requisition Identifier of the requisition that contains the sample
sampleIdentifier yes The sample's Sample Identifier
resourceGroupName yes The "resource group name," as configured in the workflow's definition. Work with your team at Ovation to properly configure the workflow for use with this API and note this value.
fileContent no The base64-encoded content of file (only used if not requesting upload link)
returnUploadLink no A link to upload the file to S3 (only used if not sending fileContent). If uploading file to S3 make sure the file name starts with sampleIdentifier.

Request Body

	"resource": {
		"organizationId": integer,
		"requisitionIdentifier": "string",
		"sampleIdentifier": "string",
		"resourceGroupName": "string",
		"fileContent": "string",
		"returnUploadLink": boolean


Response code

Response body

201 Indicating the resource was successfully created { message: "Resource #{new_document_name} successfully uploaded." } or { uploadLink: "https://...." }
401 Indicating an authentication error
422 Indicating an error with the request contents Will return the validation errors found.
e.g. "Sample not found", "resourceGroupName required"
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