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Customer Management Team Roles

Here at Ovation, we want to make sure we provide you with the best possible service and experience for implementing, using and maintaining your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  To that end, we are rolling out our new Customer Management Team structure, which is intended to provide you with dedicated specialists in all of the key areas of supporting your LIMS of choice, OvDx.  In this article, you’ll learn about the duties of those various roles and how they will work as a unit to support you. 

Your LIMS.  Your Team!

Your Customer Management Team consists of two Key Contacts, the Account Manager and the Customer Success Manager, and a team of subject matter experts performing tasks in Specialized Roles.  It should be noted that you’ll always have a specific Account Manager and Customer Success Manager, but one person may hold multiple Specialized Roles depending on the type of applications you are running, the volume of projects, etc.  

Here is a breakdown of the various roles on your Customer Management Team:

Key Contacts

  • Account Manager:  The Account Manager is the overall relationship manager. This is your contact for all things related to business:  subscriptions, pricing, contracts, quotes for new projects, invoicing, etc.  They will conduct Business Reviews with your account to keep you informed of usage trends and help you procure the most appropriate services for your lab as you evolve and grow.  They can also help coordinate discussions with other internal departments at Ovation. 
  • Customer Success Manager:  The Customer Success Manager is the project manager for all implementation activities and any projects that you request after your initial Go-Live.  This is your contact for all things related to the setup and use of the product:  workflow configurations, integrations, training requests, report builds, system validations, etc.  They will manage the meeting schedule and coordinate the resources from the Specialized Roles on your team to achieve each of the Outcomes defined in your contract.  

Specialized Roles

  • Customer Success Engineer: The Customer Success Engineer is responsible for the back-end build of your OvDx Organization.  They are the technical lead on the project and will manage the build of your workflows, sample routing and report builds.
  • Integrations Lead: The Integrations Lead manages any and all integrations with your LIMS system, ranging from HL7 to API integrations.  This includes integrations with EMR/EHRs, online ordering systems, billing systems and instruments.  We often used a third party integration engine for HL7 integrations, so the Integrations Lead will manage that third-party vendor and coordinate validation testing between the various systems.
  • Configurations Lead: The Configuration Lead is responsible for all of the configurations achieved through the Ovation User Interface (UI).  These include but are not limited to: roles and permissions, project(s) setup, plate mapping,  loading of test panels and tests setting up sales accounts/groups/reps, loading initial physician contacts, physician/sales portal configuration, online ordering configuration and requisition setup.  They will also be the point person for testing your workflows and report generations after the Customer Success Engineer has completed the build of your Organization and associated workflows.  Finally, the Configurations Lead will take the key individuals in your lab that are managing your LIMS implementation through the initial training, covering the basic administration functions, workflows, report generation and report delivery.  
  • Enablement Lead: The Enablement Lead is responsible for delivering the overall training program to get your lab ready to process live samples.  The Enablement Lead works closely with Ovation’s Education group to select a training path that is suited to your lab’s needs.  Using a combination of live and recorded trainings and a robust Knowledge Base, your Enablement Lead will guide the users in your lab through the process of becoming Ovation experts.  
  • Solutions Design: The Solutions Design lead is responsible for the overall design of your workflows based on your stated needs, standard operating procedures and processes.  Our Solutions Design members apply a combination of Ovation expertise and lab experience to create the best possible solutions within Ovation for your lab.  They are also your resource for help in designing and executing a Computer System Validation of the Ovation LIMS system before you go live with patient samples.  This is a critical step to ensure the quality of your lab results, and a key regulatory requirement.  Finally, the Solutions Design lead serves as a resource for your Account Manager when scoping new or expanded projects within Ovation, such as adding a new test or application.

That’s the full squad!  Of course, you will always have the world-class Ovation Support Team backing you up on any issues that may arise day to day.  But, we thought it was important to give a bit more detail on the new and improved Customer Management Team structure.  As always, feel free to hit us up with any questions at

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