Analytics APIs

You can manage analytics reports with the following APIs.

Get a QC Workflow Report

Use this API to generate and retrieve a QC Workflow Report.

HTTP Request

GET /api/v3/admin_reports

Query Parameters




type yes Type of report data you’re requesting
Only workflow_report to retrieve the QC Workflow report is supported.
startDate yes Filter to workflows that started on or after this date
endDate yes Filter to workflows that ended on or before this date
workflowDefinitionId yes The internal identifier of the workflow definition to filter by
Retrieve this information using the Get Workflow Definitions API
workflowId no The internal identifier of the workflow you want data for (It's the 789 in this URL:
page no The page number being requested
Defaults to 1 if not supplied
perPage no The number of report rows to return per page
Defaults to 100 if not supplied


The response matches the contents of the report you can generate in the UI (Analytics > QC Workflow Reports), formatted as JSON rather than CSV. For example:

  "workflows": [
              "Workflow Batch": "test-1",
              "Workflow Type": "test",
              "Workflow Status": "completed",
              "Requisition ID": "test-req-1",
              "Sample ID": "test-sample-1",
              "Collection Date": "",
              "Received Date": "",
              "Control": "No",
              "Overall Test Result": "",
              "Activity 1": "Batch Creation",
              "Activity 1 Submitted By": "Test User",
              "Activity 1 Submitted Date": "01/01/2020 11:20 AM",
              "Activity 2": "Batch plating",
              "Activity 2 Submitted By": "Test User",
              "Activity 2 Submitted Date": "01/01/2020 11:25 AM"
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