Workflows - Structure Overview

Individual Workflows in Ovation LIMS map out a path and process that a sample follows in the lab.  Workflows are built by your Ovation Implementation Team to support your specific laboratory procedures.  Each Workflow in your Ovation LIMs has multiple Activity Steps.  Activity Steps are the sequential processes required to complete a workflow. 

For example, Covid-19 Best Practices contains 3 workflows:

     1.  Covid-19-Extraction Workflow (optional)

     2.  Covid-19-PCR Workflow

     3.  Covid-19-PCR Repeat Workflow

Each workflow in your Ovation LIMS has multiple Activity Steps. Activity Steps are the sequential processes required to complete a workflow.

Solid green rectangles indicate a workflow Activity Step is complete, green-bordered rectangles show the next available Activity Step to complete, and gray-bordered rectangles indicate incomplete Activity Steps.  You can click on solid green rectangles to return to completed activities.

Note: Ovation Covid Best Practices provides your lab with a separate Repeat workflow.  Samples can be sent to a Covid-19-PCR-Repeat workflow if they fail quality control in a Covid-19-PCR workflow. This allows users to keep a record in OvDx of samples that have already failed quality control once and prevents users from repeating samples multiple times.

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