Workflows - Quality Control (QC)

QC Activity Steps allow you to review sample data results, overall status, and control subsequent routing or reporting. Sample default QC statuses are generated after Ovation lambda parses data files and Data Import completes. Default statuses are determined based on your lab’s custom configuration, but can be manually changed as needed. 

1. In the workflow, click “QC”

2.  Review the default QC status of all samples. Default QC statuses are displayed in green, orange, or red boxes. Controls appear first in the list of samples, followed by any samples with a Repeat status, then all samples with an Accept status

Note: Click on a sample’s name to see expanded details for that sample from the datafile. Positive tests display a “flag” in the expanded details

3. If you are satisfied with the default QC status for all samples, skip to step 7. If you wish to change a sample’s default QC status, proceed to step 4

4. Click on a sample’s default status to see all QC status options available for manual override 

5. Select your desired QC status based on the table below

Note:  For Repeat or CTRL FAIL RERUN statuses, the destination workflow is shown in parentheses in the override menu. For example, the Repeat status queues samples to a Repeat COVID-19 workflow while CTRL FAIL RERUN queues samples back to a COVID-19 workflow. 

6. If you wish to Reject a sample, select the Reject QC status from the dropdown menu

     A. Select a Reject reason from the dropdown

     B. Provide any additional notes you want to capture for sample rejection

Note: “Reject” does not mean a sample is negative. “Reject” means that the sample will not be repeated. Samples may be rejected by the user at any QC step. Read our support article Rejecting a Sample for more information.

Tip: A warning triangle displays beneath any sample status that has been manually overridden by a user

7. Confirm the sample(s) status

      A. Select the checkbox above all samples 

      B. In the confirmation modal, click the green “Yes” box 

8. Scroll up and click the green “Submit” button, then click “Return to Workflow”

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