Batch Report Release

This article describes how to set up and use Ovation’s Batch Report Release feature to sign multiple reports at once from the dashboard.

Batch Release User Settings

To grant batch release ability to an individual, set their user role to “Admin” for the “Report Release” permission.

1. Click on More > Settings > Users & Permissions

2. Click on Roles and Permissions

3. Find the “Report Release” label and set the desired role to “Admin” 

Batch Report Release

1. From the Dashboard, scroll to the Report Release section, which shows all the patient reports that have been generated but not yet signed.

Note: If a report has been regenerated, the list will only show the most recently generated version.

2. If needed, sort the list by clicking on the column headers, or filter by typing in the text box.

Tip: In order to sort by Overall Result, which applies only to COVID-19 testing, “Show overall test result” needs to be enabled in your preferences. Please see the Display Preferences article for instructions.

Note: Filter fields are case-sensitive.

3. To add a comment to any report, click the word bubble icon on the far left next to the Approve button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Corrected reports cannot be signed without first adding the correction reason.

4. Click the Submit button.

5. Enter your password and click the Submit button.

Optional: Enter any comment that should be applied to all reports that don’t already have a comment. (This comment will not be shown on reports with existing individual comments described above in Step 3.)

Reports will now be signed and released to the Provider Accounts.

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