QC Workflow Report

The QC Workflow Report is a summary of the workflow activities and results of samples within a given time range.

Users will need the “QC Workflow Reports” permission set to Admin to access this report (see Roles & Permissions Matrix article for more information on setting permissions).

  1. Click the Analytics tab and select QC Workflow Reports

   2. Click the green Generate Report button

   3. Choose the desired parameters for the report

  • Workflow Type (Optional): Choose one or more workflow types to include in the report. At least one workflow type must be selected in order to include data from any file that was uploaded in the workflow.
  • Workflow ID (Optional): A specific workflow batch ID can be indicated here to include only that workflow batch in the report.
  • From & To Dates (Required): Indicate the date range for which the report should be generated. The report will include all workflows that were created within this time frame (and meet the other search criteria, if applicable).
  • Columns (Optional): Choose which columns to include or exclude in the report.

   4. Click the green Generate Report button

   5. Click the green link in the Name column to download the csv file 

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