Global Search

Note: This article contains sample data for demonstration and discussion purposes only

Global Search allows you to search OvDx for patients, providers, samples, and more. You may search by:

  • Requisition/sample identifier
  • Patient first and/or last name
  • Patient date of birth (note: the date format must match your date input setting located in Display Preferences)
  • Provider name
  • Provider account name
  • Provider NPI number
  • Sample status
  • Sales rep name
  • Barcode label
  • Container type

To use Global Search, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen, then enter your search term in the box that appears. 

Results will return sorted by category. To narrow the search results, select/deselect boxes in the Categories table on the left of the screen. You can also download a CSV of each category search results table (please note that the maximum number of records that can be downloaded at once as a CSV is limited to the visible records on the page).

See the table below to see how search data is organized and displayed in category tables that can be downloaded. 

Prefer video format?

You can watch this 2 minute video covering Global Search.

Tip: Use the pop-out arrow on the top-right of the video screen to expand the video window.
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