Requisition Comments

This article covers the Comments feature, which allows for intra-laboratory and inter-clinic communication at the order/requisition level. The following topics are covered:

Enabling the Comments Feature

1. Navigate to More > Settings > System Settings > Other

2. Toggle the Comments field to “Yes” and then Save

Using Comments in the LIMS

1. Go to Projects > “project” > Requisitions tab.

2. A “comment” icon will appear next to requisitions with comments, with a blue box reflecting the number of comments. Requisitions with zero comments will not have the icon.

3. Click into the desired requisition.

4. Click the Comments tab.

5. Type comments into the box and select the audience: laboratory only, laboratory & providers, laboratory & sales, or all users. Click Submit.

6. The comment icon will appear next to the requisition. Users who can access the comment (chosen in step 5) have the ability to view and respond to comments.

Using Comments in the OvDx Portal

Your Provider contacts can also see and use Comments in the OvDx Portal.  These comments also appear with a “comment” icon and blue box indicating the number of comments. Unlike the OvDx LIMS, requisitions with no associated comments will have a comment icon with a “0” instead of no icon.

1. For your Provider Contacts to view comments in the Portal, they can click the comment icon associated with the desired order. The box will enlarge, showing all comments.

2. Portal users can add their own comments, which will also be viewable in the OvDx LIMS.

Tagging Users

You can tag a specific user in a comment by typing the “@” symbol before the person’s name and then clicking the desired user. The list of possible recipients is based on the audience filter selected to the right.

Once selected, the user name will appear highlighted in red.

Users can elect to receive email notifications for any/all comments or only when they are specifically mentioned in a comment. See Individual User Settings for more details.

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