Arkstone OneChoice Report Integration

Ovation has partnered with Arkstone to offer our customers an integration that supports Arkstone OneChoice Reports.  Arkstone OneChoice Reports can be connected to Infectious Disease Reports in the Ovation LIMS (OvDx LIMS). This guide answers frequently asked questions and provides links for more support of the Arkstone OneChoice Report integration.





What are Arkstone OneChoice Reports?

Arkstone OneChoice Reports are one page reports that give providers one primary treatment recommendation for a patient. This treatment recommendation is called the OneChoice recommendation on the report and is displayed at the top.

       The report also…

  • Offers a comprehensive review for why the Onechoice treatment was recommended over other treatments
  • Lists potential alternative treatments that may be used to treat the patient 
  • Reviews when the patient should be treated
  • Provides recommended dosage
  • States frequency and duration of treatment
  • Provides special considerations, if any
  • Tells what infection control measures should be implemented

For more information about the Arkstone OneChoice Report, visit the Arkstone website or contact your Arkstone representative.

What does the Arkstone OneChoice Report look like?

How do Arkstone OneChoice Reports work within Ovation?

OvDx LIMS automatically sends results to Arkstone’s software once the Quality Control (QC) step is completed within your Ovation Infectious Disease Workflow. Results include infectious disease test results, the patient’s detected pathogens, antibiotic resistance genes (ABRs), allergies, and other demographic information.

Arkstone then uses their artificial intelligence engine to return a single-page PDF patient report with the OneChoice treatment recommendation. Your lab will then sign and release the report to the clinician just as you would any other report. You’ll deliver the Arkstone OneChoice Report as a combined report with your OvDx LIMS Infectious Disease patient report.


Where can I see Arkstone OneChoice Reports in Ovation?

Arkstone OneChoice Reports can be seen in any place in the OvDx LIMS or OvDx Portal where reports are rendered. To learn how to navigate to reports in OvDx, use the following links.

     For OvDx LIMS users: Signing Reports

     For OvDx Portal users: Online Ordering Full Guide

The Arkstone OneChoice Report is attached to the Ovation Infectious Disease Report. Arkstone OneChoice Reports provide the comprehensive treatment recommendations while Ovation Reports provide the panel and testing details of the lab. We find this pairing can improve provider ease of use while still capturing critical details for records. Customers can also choose which order to display the two reports in their system: with the Arkstone OneChoice Report displayed first or the Ovation Report displayed first.

Tip: To change whether your Ovation Report or Arkstone OneChoice Report displays first in your system, contact

What is the turn-around time to generate an Arkstone OneChoice Report?

We recommend discussing this question with your Arkstone representative. However, Arkstone has shared that reports will be uploaded back to OvDx LIMS within a few minutes, typically. Arkstone has also said that reports can sometimes take an hour or two depending on the complexity of your results. Additionally, Arkstone Reports are not processed outside of normal business hours.

What are Arkscores?

To learn more, watch this video here or refer to the Arkstone support site

Note: Arkscores are solely generated and maintained by Arkstone. For additional details, contact your Arkstone Representative

What do I do if the QC Step in my OvDx Workflow was completed hours ago and I still don’t have an Arkstone OneChoice Report back? 

Contact your Arkstone Representative directly or use

Where does the QR code on the report take report viewers?

The QR code on an Arkstone OneChoice Report takes the report viewer to a clickable version of the report. The clickable version of the report explains the different components of the report and provides additional details behind the contents of the report.

What can I customize on an Arkstone OneChoice Report?

Arkstone allows customers to customize their report with their organization logo. To change or add your logo to your Arkstone OneChoice Reports, contact your Arkstone support representative at or use your Arkstone support portal. 


If I find an error or issue with a report, who do I contact?

If there is an issue with an Arkstone OneChoice Report, first contact your Arkstone representative at You may then also wish to notify your Ovation support team at, or use the Help Beacon from any Ovation LIMS window.

How do I contact Arkstone for customer support?

Arkstone support staff can be reached at or by directly contacting your representative. 

How do I know whether to contact Ovation Support or Arkstone Support?

For technical questions about the Ovation LIMS + Arkstone OneChoice Report integration, please contact Ovation Customer Support at or use the Help Beacon from any Ovation LIMs window. 

For questions regarding Arkstone's products and services, please contact Arkstone directly by reaching out to your Arkstone representative at

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