This article describes how to use the Ovation LIMS Containers page to locate sample containers, their samples, and workflows by container identifier.  


Users must have a role with the Containers Permission set to Read, Write or Admin Permission Level to access and use the Containers page. All permission levels are equivalent and allow complete access to the Containers feature.

See the Roles and Permissions Article to navigate to the Users and Permissions Page and determine if you have the Containers permission set appropriately for user roles. 

Containers Page

To locate a Container follow the steps listed and shown in the image below.

1. From any screen, Select More > Containers

2. Type or Scan a Container ID or Barcode into the search box. ( Note:  Search works with partial entry from the beginning of the identifier, but not the end)

3. Click on Container ID of interest to navigate to the Container Details page

Containers are sortable by Barcode, Type, Label, or Location (if populated) by clicking on any of these headers and/or the green arrow to the right of the Header.  Adjust the number of rows to display according to your preference.  Note that by setting the display to the maximum of 100 container rows, there will be fewer pages to navigate.

Container Details Page

After clicking a Container ID from the Containers home screen, you will see the Container Details page for that container.  The Container Details page displays all Sample IDs and their position within the container.  There is also a Container History section that lists all workflow activities and workflow IDs that have used the container.

From the Container Details page you can perform the following actions as shown in the image below.

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