Early Access Features Overview

What Are Early Access Features?

New functionality in the Ovation LIMS and Portal will be made available to users as part of an “Early Access” program. Features in Early Access are ready to be used, and are also still under development. While Early Access Features are still under development, you can provide feedback directly to the Ovation Product Team. The Ovation Product Team appreciates your feedback that will be used to help further shape and improve new features in the Ovation platform.

Early Access Features will be turned on for all customers after development is completed.

Turning on Early Access Features

There are two ways to turn on Early Access Features. 

1. Users with the appropriate permissions can directly turn on the features in their Ovation LIMS for their organization. See the Early Access section of our System Settings Article for more information.

2. Users can request early access features to be turned on for their organization by submitting a Project Request Form

Please note that some early access features cannot be turned off when they are turned on. 

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