Exporting and Importing Projects

This article describes how to export a Project and its associated Requisition Templates as a .json file, and then import that file to create a new Project and Requisition Templates.

Export the Project

Note: If moving projects between Sandbox and Production, be sure that all Sample Types are the same between the two environments before proceeding. Sample Types can be found in More > Lab > Sample Types.

  1. Go to Projects page, select project to be exported
  2. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner of the page and click Export
  3. Open the .json file generated and edit any needed fields
    1. Required changes if moving projects between Sandbox and Production:
      1. Check the following objects to make sure their values are set to null as listed below
        1. "print_template_id": null,
        2. "consent_version_id": null,
        3. “medical_consent_version_id”: null
      2. Replace all references of sandbox with production (or vice versa)
    2. Other changes to consider:
      1. “name” under “project_attributes”, “name”
      2. “name” under “requisition_template”, “name”
      3. “display_name” under “associated_report_configurations”
      4. “remote_function_name” under “configuration” under “associated_report_configurations” (may need to update from sandbox to production)
  4. Save any .json edits

Import the Project

  1. Import the .json file by clicking Add Project button on Projects page where you want the new project to be (choose Import Project)
  2. Review the new Project settings to be sure everything imported properly
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