Using Documents

OvDx offers a feature for storing, organizing and versioning Documents such as SOPs, supplemental information, and training documents required by the laboratory.

This article introduces how to use the Documents feature within OvDx. Sections include:

Note: If you are using our Training feature, it will require you to first upload any related training documents using this Document feature.

Document Permissions

You can organize your documents by creating new “Labels” in OvDx. These Labels act and appear as Folders where documents can be grouped. Document Labels are created through the Roles and Permissions table, which means that a laboratory member’s role(s) determine their access to documents. Please visit the Roles and Permissions article to learn how to add, rename, or delete a label.

Tip: If you don’t see the Documents tab in the Dashboard, ask your LIMS Administrator to change your roles permission from “None” to the appropriate permission level 

Viewing Documents

1. Navigate to the Documents tab from the “More” button

2. Choose a Folder to view

3. Within a folder, you can sort documents by clicking the appropriate heading:

  • NAME = document name
  • DATE = date the document went into effect, designated by the person who uploaded the document
  • AUTHOR = document author, designated by the person who uploaded the document
  • STATUS = draft, no signatures required, awaiting signatures, approved 

Creating a Document

1. Navigate to the Documents tab from the “More” button

2. Choose a Folder to upload your document into

3. Click the “Add Document” button

a. Under the Information tab type in the document name, author, effective date and revision number and click “Create”

b. Alternatively, click on the “Upload Draft” button then drag-and-drop a file or click the link to browse files for upload

4. Select Label(s) to add from the dropdown menu

5. Add the roles that are required to review and sign off on the draft document by selecting a role(s) from the dropdown menu. Documents requiring a signature will then appear on the Dashboard for users with this assigned role

6. You can also click the “Notes” tab to add a description of the document or any relevant notes

7. Click “Save Now” to complete

Document Approvals

Draft documents awaiting approvals will be shown with the status of Awaiting Signatures within the Documents folder. 

Draft documents awaiting signature will also be shown on the Dashboard of the assigned reviewers in the Documents Requiring Signature section.

To review and sign the document click on the document name in either place. A box for free text comments is available. To sign and approve the document the user's password is required. Once entered the reviewer can click Approve or Reject. 

Tip: A role that has been selected as a reviewer can easily be removed by simply clicking on the “Remove” button.

Document Versions

Currently under construction as of 11 March 2021. Contact to learn when this feature will be available.

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