Turnaround Time

The Analytics section of OvDx provides charts and tables to view the following data:

The data shown on this screen is controlled by the Date Range drop down menu at the top of the page. 

Turnaround time history (Report Delivery)

This graph shows both the number of reports delivered and the average turnaround time to deliver those reports. The turnaround time represents the time from the sample received date to the report being signed.

Tip: Click the legend items to turn them off or on.

Workflow Activities Completion Time

This graph shows the average completion time for each activity in the Organization. The report can be filtered by workflow types and completion time for specific users.

Samples Breakdown

This chart shows the number and percent of samples that were Completed, Rejected, Processing, and Not Processed during the date range chosen.

Tip: Click the legend items to turn them off or on.

Report Breakdown

This chart shows the number and percent of revised patient reports and non-revised patient reports during the date range chosen. A revised report is any patient report that is re-generated after being signed, including corrected, amended and addended reports.

Sample TAT Status

This table displays turnaround time for individual samples from sample received date to report signing. You can also view reports that have been signed or unsigned by using the “Signed reports” checkbox. The green report icons will take you directly to that report tab under the requisition and you can view the workflow that generated the report by clicking the “Report Source” link. The data in this table can be exported as a CSV file.

Tip: Click on the header in a column to sort.
Tip: Hover your mouse over the column headers to see more information about the data in that column.
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