Analytics Overview

This article describes the Analytics section of OvDx which can be configured to show operational reports and metrics. The available Analytics choices will depend on your Role and Permissions user settings and OvDx contractual agreement.  Each header below is a clickable hot-link and will navigate you to a more detailed article describing the analytics feature.  If you don’t see what you need, please contact

COVID-19 Reporting

Labs performing COVID-19 testing are required to report their test results daily to their state health departments which will then report those results to the CDC. The COVID-19 reporting feature is optional and must be enabled for your organization by your Customer Success Manager. To turn on the COVID-19 reporting feature, please email

Fax History Report

The Fax History report will show you all faxes that have been sent from your organization, in real time. You can filter results by Processing, Success, or Failed.

All faxes that are queued or in the process of being sent are shown as Processing. If a fax cannot be sent successfully on the first attempt, Ovation will attempt to resend 5 times.

Requisition Report

The Requisition Report contains data from requisition forms, report dates, turn around times, and any available billing metrics (if billing metrics are received from your Revenue Cycle Management company via HL7 or API connection).

Users need the “Analytics” permission set to Admin or View to enable the analytics tab and navigate to and need the “Requisition Report” permission set to Admin or Write to access this page (see Roles & Permissions Matrix article for more information on setting permissions). 

They also need the “Analytics” permission to view the Analytics tab and navigate to Requisition Reports. Users with the “Requisition Report” permission set to Read will be able to view previously generated reports, but will not be able to generate reports.

QC Workflow Report

The QC Workflow Report is a summary of the workflow activities and results of samples within a given time range.

Users will need the “QC Workflow Reports” permission set to Admin to access this report (see Roles & Permissions Matrix article for more information on setting permissions).

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time (TAT) Analytics allows users to perform the following functions:

  • Monitor laboratory TAT metrics at several processing stages (requisitions, workflows, and reporting)
  • Filter, sort, and analyze laboratory data for compliance
  • Export laboratory data to monitor operational efficiencies

In OvDx LIMS, users with the TAT permission can use the Turnaround Time Dashboard to review all data within the organization. Users can further examine specific data for Pre-Analytical, Analytical, and Post-Analytical steps of processing.

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