Samples Overview

Samples Overview

There are 5 ways to view and manage your ‘Samples’ in OvDx.

1.   ‘All’ Samples can be viewed from the top navigation bar by clicking on ‘Samples’

2.  ‘Project’ Samples can be viewed from within a Project by clicking on the ‘Samples’ tab beneath the project.

The ‘All’ and ‘Project’ Samples pages look and function similarly, with #1 applying to ‘All’ of your samples and #2 applying to only the samples within the project you have selected. Both pages allow you to filter by sample status, reject a sample, and bulk receive samples.

3.  ‘Requisition’ Samples can be viewed from multiple pages in OvDx - anywhere sample identifiers are represented by green links.

When you click on a green sample identifier link you are taken to the Requisition Samples page (#3) where you can receive/reject the sample or manually add/remove the sample from a queue.

4.  You can ‘View Queued/Rejected Samples’ by clicking on the link at the top right of the Workflows chart.

From this page (#4), all samples received in OvDx can be viewed by workflow type, removed from a queue, and added to another queue. You can also view rejected samples pending review.

5.  From your ‘Welcome’ dashboard or by clicking your company logo at the top left of any page you can view Rejected Samples Pending Review.

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