Fax History Report

The Fax History report will show you all faxes that have been sent from your organization, in real time. You can filter results by Processing, Success, or Failed.

All faxes that are queued or in the process of being sent are shown as Processing. If a fax cannot be sent successfully on the first attempt, Ovation will attempt to resend 5 times.

1. From the Dashboard, click Analytics, then select Fax History

2. Click the status drop down to filter by Processing, Success, or Failed. 

3. You can search and sort by Date Sent, Provider Account Name, Provider Account Contact Name, Fax Number, or Requisition Identifier. To sort A - Z, click which field you want to sort by. Click twice to sort from Z - A, and three times to stop sorting by that field.

4. You can resend faxes individually or send multiples at once. To resend one fax, click the three dots on the right hand side of that fax line. Click Resend Fax.

To resend multiple faxes at once, simply select the checkboxes for those you want to resend.  Click the three dots and then Resend Selected Faxes.

5. To view the requisition or requisition report you are faxing, click on the link under Requisition Identifier or Report Name. The requisition link will take you to that requisition’s dashboard, and the report link will take you directly to the report page. 

6. Below is a list of the fax failure reasons you may see if our fax provider is unable to send a fax.  


1000 = fax pending

4000 = fax failed

5000 = fax resource issue

5100 = fax request blocked

5200 = fax rendering issue

6000 = fax connect failed

6100 = fax number busy

6200 = fax machine not answering

6300 = fax detection failed

6400 = fax pickup failed

6500 = fax detection failed

6600 = fax detection timeout

6800 = fax negotiation failed

7000 = fax training failed

8000 = fax transmit failed

9000 = fax failed

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