You can also create, edit or remove webhook subscriptions via our API.  Please refer to our webhook API documentation for more information.  

To create a webhook subscription you will need to provide a URL where the specified webhook payload will be POSTed.  

If you would like to secure the request handling on your side, the webhook configuration can be set so that requests will be sent with a Basic Auth header.  To enable this header, please specify a username/password that should be sent in the request when creating the subscription.  The username and password will be converted to Base64 string and will be sent in an "authorization" header alongside each request. 


Ovation supports sending web-hooks for the following events:

Name Description
requisition_signed_accession   Triggered when the requisition accession_status is set to signed 
Triggered when a report status change to signed
Triggered when a report status change to signed, but with one associated report through the same associated_report_configuration
Triggered when a sample is confirmed as rejected
Triggered when a requisition is canceled

Webhook Error Handling

For each webhook request, Ovation expects to receive 2** status within 10 seconds for it to be considered  successful. 

If any of the other response codes are returned or if the request times out, then Ovation will retry the request up to 2 more times:

The schedule for the 2 additional attempts would be as follows:  64s, 729s

If the two additional attempts fail, the system will not try to resend the request again.

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