Deleting Data Records

Deleting Data Records

This article describes how to delete and restore certain data records within the OvDx LIMs.

Types of Deletable Data Records

Most OvDx Data records that are displayed in lists can be deleted by clicking on the ellipses (three dots) found throughout the platform to the far right of records. 

Similarly, records that have been deleted can be viewed by checking the “Show deleted …” box and then undeleted (restored) by clicking ‘undelete’ from the ellipses.

If you have the appropriate permission level access, it is possible to delete and undelete the following types of data records using the ellipses:

  • Projects
  • Requisitions
  • Samples (Requisition Level)
  • Tests
  • Test Panels
  • Adapters
  • Adapter Containers
  • Controls
  • Control Containers
  • Instruments
  • Users
  • Sales Reps
  • Provider Accounts

Note:  There are additional data records such as Sales Groups, Provider Contacts, and Workflows that can be deleted from the OvDx LIMs via different methods.   If you cannot delete a data record using an ellipses, please refer to the respective knowledge base article to learn the specific method for that type of data record or check that you have the appropriate permission level access (see below).

Permission required for deleting and restoring data records

The ability to delete/undelete various data record types is associated with the corresponding permission access level across several permissions.  To understand how to set up appropriate permission levels, please refer to our Roles and Permissions knowledge base article.  From this article, you can also download an excel file detailing how the user’s permission access level impacts their ability to delete various types of data records. 

With great power comes great responsibility…

There are cascading effects to be aware of when deleting various data record types.  Please note the following rules of record deletion:

  • deleting a requisition deletes the requisition, samples and reports
  • deleting a sample deletes the sample and reports
  • deleting a report deletes only the report
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