How to Edit a COVID-19 Patient Report

How to Edit a COVID-19 Patient Report

This article describes what is editable on an existing Ovation-generated SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 patient report, and where to make those edits.

A patient report is considered a COVID-19 report if it uses the following value for remote_function_name: generic_covid19ReportTemplateV3

The remote_function_name can be determined by going to the applicable Project > Settings tab > select applicable requisition template > Reports. Look to see what value is set for remote_function_name in the Report Configuration.

Where to Make Report Configuration Edits

Report Configuration

Unless otherwise noted, all edits to the COVID-19 patient reports can be made in the Report Configuration of that particular requisition template.

  1. Go to the applicable Project > Settings tab > select applicable requisition template > Reports
  2. Click the 3 dots on the far right of the applicable report configuration > choose Edit
  3. Make needed updates, click Save

Test or Test Panel

Some information on COVID-19 patient reports come from the Test Panels or the Tests within those Test Panels.

  1. Go to More menu > Lab > Test Panels OR Tests > select applicable test panel or test
  2. To update Name, click on the Name field, edit & Save
  3. To add attributes
    1. Click Add Attribute button under the Custom Attributes title
    2. Add Key & Value, click Save

Note: Changing Test Configurations, Test Panel Codes or Test Codes may seriously impact sample routing and interpretation. If you are not sure how the change you are making will affect the rest of your workflows, please check with an Ovation configuration specialist by contacting

Anatomy of a COVID-19 Patient Report


  • Any attributes listed below in snake case (snake_case) are controlled within the display_settings section of the report configuration
  • Attributes in display_settings should have quotes (“) on either side of the attribute and be followed by a colon (:)
  • The value for each attribute should have quotes (“) on either side of the value (except where otherwise noted)

General Report Settings

  • Colors of report headings can be set using words or HTML color codes using primary_color
    • The screenshots in the below sections have primary_color set to “blue”
  • Page margins can be set using document_margins
    • Values are set as such: [top, right, bottom, left]
    • Example: [8, 8, 6, 8]

Report Header

All report header values are set in either the Report Configuration or System Settings (More menu > Settings > System Settings).

  • Width of top 3 columns (logo, lab info, report title) set using (sum of widths must equal 12):
    • logo_column_width
    • lab_info_column_width
    • report_title_column_width
  • Space allowed for top header portion controlled using header_margin
  • Space between lines of header information can be minimized using remove_header_space
  • Any value in the Report Configuration will override values set in System Settings
  • For corrected reports, the correction reason will display at the bottom of the Patient Information section after the title ‘Correction Reason' (title cannot be edited) if using the custom_addendum_page of “Reports::RequestIsoAddendumPage"

Overall Results Section

This section will display the overall result of the sample.

Assay Table

This section will display all the individual Tests within the Test Panel and the results for each of those Tests.

  • This section can be removed using display_assays_results set to false
  • Table headers Assay and Results cannot be edited
  • Targets can be removed from this section using the Test attribute isControl set to true
  • Widths of columns in this table can be set using (sum of widths must equal 12):
    • assay_column_width
    • result_column_width
    • qualitative_column_width
  • Note: Widths can only be adjusted if the 3rd column (Description) is displayed

Disclaimer / Methodology

These sections will be displayed at the bottom of the report.

  • Format of the text in these sections can be further altered using HTML
  • Additional white space can be added just above this section by setting disclaimer_margin to true (no quotes around value)
  • A static table can be added to the end of this section using the Test Panel attribute disclaimerTable; this table can be further edited using disclaimerTableWidth and disclaimerTableFontSize
  • Signature images (or other static images) can be added to the end of this section using:
    • static_signature_images (value is image URL and must be entered as an array)
    • margin above the signature image can be set using signature_margin
    • text can be added between the footer and the signature image using panel_footer
    • margin between panel_footer text and footer of report can be set using footer_margin


The footer section is not editable.

Corrected Report Footer:

Addendum Page

If enabled, this page is added as the last page of the patient report after the report is signed.

  • Addendum page is enabled using the ‘Append signature addendum page?’ toggle in the applicable report configuration
  • Page numbering will be included on this page if the newest addendum page is configured using the custom_addendum_page of “Reports::RequestIsoAddendumPage”
  • For corrected reports, Comment box will display as ‘Correction Reason’

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