Help Beacon

The Help Beacon is located in the bottom right of every Ovation screen. The Help Beacon allows you to:

1.  Click on the orange Help Beacon in the bottom-right corner of any screen

2. Click on the suggested help articles, or search a specific keyword to pull up Knowledge Base articles containing your search term.

Knowledge Base Articles

The Knowledge Base contains articles giving detailed instructions on various aspects of the platform. From the Help Beacon or the link above, you can search by keyword to locate articles relevant to your question. The Getting Started Guide is one resource that gathers like articles in a high-level overview of Ovation LIMS, and there are also several workflow guides that walk stepwise through a specific workflow.

Project Request Form

You can request a new feature or expanded functionality using the Help Beacon. Submit a Project Request Form after your project finishes implementation and goes live or if there is a contract amendment during implementation. 

1.  Click on the Help Beacon and select “ Project Request Form”

2. Complete the Google form with as much detail as possible and submit

Tip: Your account manager will reach out to you to update you on the status of your project request form.

Submit a Support Ticket

The Help Beacon can also be used to contact a Customer Support Representative at any point once your project has gone live.

1.  Click on the “Ask” button at the top of the Help Beacon window

2.  Fill in the requested information and hit send

Tip: Be clear and concise in the subject line. Please also provide as much detail as possible in the body of the message. The more information you provide, the faster Ovation can resolve your problem. Also, please avoid including Protected Health Information (PHI) in your message and/or any images.

3.  Click X to close the Help Beacon after sending your message

Support Hours:

How to Contact:

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