Intro to Ovation LIMS Guide

Welcome to Ovation! This guide will cover the basics of your dashboard when you log in to your Ovation LIMS as well as available support resources when you need help. Please note that this guide is also part of the Onboarding Role-Based Training Series and can be viewed as the first module in each role.  Read the whole guide or skip ahead to the section you need. The following sections are included in this guide:

Note: This article contains sample data for demonstration and discussion purposes only

Dashboard/Return to the Dashboard

This article describes the Ovation dashboard, which is your landing page upon every first login. All Ovation users will see the dashboard, but your contents may vary based on permission levels. You can always navigate back to the dashboard by clicking your lab’s logo (Home Button) in the top left of the screen from any page. 

Tip: The logo at the top left will say “Ov” as a default. To use your lab’s logo as your Home Button on your Ovation page, contact

Scrolling down on the dashboard, you will see several quick action shortcuts. These shortcuts are useful for admins and lab directors. The shortcuts and their functions are briefly described in the section below.

Dashboard Quick Action Shortcuts

1. Report Release: Allows the user to release reports to the Provider Portal in bulk. For more details on this feature please see the Batch Report Release article in our knowledge base.

2. Rejected Samples Pending Review: Allows the user to review the rejected samples and confirm the rejection status. Rejecting the sample here removes it from the system. For more details on this feature please see the Rejecting a Sample article in our knowledge base.

3. Incomplete Req Forms: Allows the user to view all samples that have incomplete requisitions.

4. Documents Requiring Signature: Allows the user to sign and review documents that require signatures (e.g., reports that need to be signed before they are released). For more details on this feature please see the Using Documents article in our knowledge base.

5. Required Trainings and Trainings Requiring Co-Signature: Users can access their assigned trainings or co-signature requests in Ovation from here. For more details on this feature please see the Training article in our knowledge base.

6. Active Workflows: Allows a user to view and navigate to workflows that are in ‘Processing’ Status. Incomplete workflows do not generate reports.


Help Beacon

The Help Beacon is located in the bottom right of every Ovation screen. The Help Beacon allows you to search keywords to pull up relevant Knowledge Base Articles. You can also access a Feature/Expansion Request form to modify your existing Ovation environment using the Help Beacon.1.  Click on the orange Help Beacon in the bottom-right corner of any screen

2. Click on the suggested help articles, or search a specific keyword to pull up Knowledge Base articles containing your search term.

Knowledge Base Articles

The Knowledge Base contains articles giving detailed instructions on various aspects of the platform. From the Help Beacon or the link above, you can search by keyword to locate articles relevant to your question. The Getting Started Guide is one resource that gathers like articles in a high-level overview of Ovation, and there are also several workflow guides that walk stepwise through a specific workflow.

Project Request Form

You can request a new feature or expanded functionality using the Help Beacon. Submit a Project Request Form after your project finishes implementation and goes live or if there is a contract amendment during implementation. 

1. Click on the Help Beacon and select “ Project Request Form

2. Complete the Google form with as much detail as possible and submit

Tip: Your account manager will reach out to you to update you on the status of your project request form.

Submit a Support Ticket

The Help Beacon can also be used to contact a Customer Support Representative at any point once your project has gone live.  

1. Click on the “Ask” button at the top of the Help Beacon window

2. Fill in the requested information and hit send

Tip: Be clear and concise in the subject line. Please also provide as much detail as possible in the body of the message. The more information you provide, the faster Ovation can resolve your problem. Also, please avoid including Protected Health Information. (PHI) in your message and/or any images.

3. Click X to close the Help Beacon after sending your message

Support Hours:

How to Contact:


Individual User Settings

Ovation users have “roles” and “permissions” that are set up by your System Administrator. Roles and permissions control what information and work you can see and edit in Ovation. For more information, talk to your Ovation Admin or check out the knowledge base article on the Roles and Permissions Matrix.

Ovation has a “User Settings” feature that can be set up by each user allowing you to manage your user profile, system email notifications, reset your password, and enable two-step verification.


Under the Profile section, you can change your first and last name. Only an administrator can change your email address after account creation.

1. From the dropdown menu next to your user name at the top right of any window, select Settings > Account.

2. From the Profile tab, you can edit your first and last name if needed. The email field is greyed out, and can only be altered by an administrator.

System Email Notifications

You can tailor your email notifications to fit your preferences. 

1. From the dropdown menu next to your user name at the top right of any window, select Settings > Account and then click the Notification Settings tab.

2. System Email Notifications settings will appear with a default setting to receive report complete email notifications instantly.

3. To schedule a single daily email with a complete digest of applicable requisitions/reports:

A. Select Daily from the drop down menu

B. Select the time of day you would like to receive the email notification

4. If the “Comments” feature is enabled for your portal, you will also see a “Comment Email Notifications” section where you can control email notifications for comments on orders.

  • To receive an email notification if a comment is added to an order, toggle “Comments are added” to green/On
  • To receive an email notification when you are specifically mentioned in a comment, toggle “Person mentions me in a comment” to green/On

Note: If you get a message that says “You don’t have permissions to receive system email notifications. Contact your administrator to be granted permission,” you need to be given the “Notifications” Role. See your system admin to have them enable this role.

Password Reset and Two-Factor Verification

1. From the dropdown menu next to your user name at the top right of any window, select Settings > Security.

2. You can reset your password by clicking the Reset Password button and following the prompts. Follow the password requirements format when resetting your password.

3. You can enable two-step verification for your account by toggling the Enable button and following the prompts.


Global Search allows you to search Ovation for patients, providers, samples, and more. You may search by:

  • Requisition/sample identifier
  • Patient first and/or last name
  • Patient date of birth (note: the date format must match your date input setting located in Display Preferences)
  • Provider name
  • Provider account name
  • Provider NPI number
  • Sample status
  • Sales rep name
  • Barcode label
  • Container type

To use Global Search, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen, then enter your search term in the box that appears. 

Results will return sorted by category. To narrow the search results, select/deselect boxes in the Categories table on the left of the screen. You can also download a CSV of each category search results table (please note that the maximum number of records that can be downloaded at once as a CSV is limited to the visible records on the page).

See the table below to see how search data is organized and displayed in category tables that can be downloaded. 



Notifications alert users to newly generated reports and platform wide announcements, displaying only the most recent 25 notifications. The Notification icon is the bell in the top right corner. 

1. Click on the bell icon in the top right of the page

2. Click on the notification to go directly to the linked material

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