Getting Started Guide


We’ve outlined some important articles for you to check out below, but if you want to get started quickly, view these example workflow guides:

User Settings

First things first, ensure you meet our user system requirements: 

To manage user accounts and personalize settings, see these articles:

Upload documents

Documents such as SOPs, supplemental information, and supporting documents required by the laboratory can be housed, organized into folders, and versioning managed within OvDx. See Documents for more information.

Internal lab training

Training Packs can be created by a lab administrator and assigned to roles in OvDx. Assigning a training to a role creates a requirement for users with that role to complete a training. A training consists of reading a document and, if required, demo or perform a task or set of tasks based on the document contents. The system provides an electronic signature to indicate when a user has completed the requirements. Additionally, the author of the training pack can indicate the supervisor responsible for ensuring the compliance of users required to take the training, and specify if a new role is acquired by the trainee as a result of finishing the training.

Getting Ovation geared towards your lab equipment, controls, and integrations


Adaptors and plates

Test panels

Print barcodes


Integrations with the LIMS are essential for enacting a  seamless workflow in the lab, from order receipt through final billing.  Ovation provides flexibility in how various systems are integrated by offering both HL7 and API integrations.  While virtually any system with HL7 or API capabilities can be integrated into Ovation upon request, you can go to Administration > Lab > Integrations in Ovation for a list of the current off-the-shelf integrations.


The Projects section shows all of the Projects that you have been granted access to in OvDx. From here you have the option of opening an existing project, archiving a project, or adding a new project. You can also filter Projects by name to help find a particular project. To keep things from getting too congested you have the ability  to show or hide archived projects.

The members of a Project in your organization, or users, can easily be located by clicking on Projects > Project Name > Users tab. It should be noted that users will need to be added to the Project team before they can view or access a Project. 


Requisitions are the primary method used by OvDx to capture the clinical information related to the patient, ordering provider, panels and tests ordered, medical history, samples received, and test data as it is generated through lab workflows. Creating a new requisition also creates storage inside of it for sample data and documents associated with the requisition, such as scans of insurance documents or forms, or patient face sheets.



Workflows are a step by step process of moving a sample or group of samples from accessioning through a testing process in order to generate a report. Workflows are specific to the test type, and will vary from laboratory to laboratory, however, all labs will run accessioned samples through a workflow in order to create a reportable result.

Lab reports


The Analytics section of OvDx contains operational metrics that can be broken out by specific users or projects. 


Sales Groups in OvDX serve as a way to organize groups of reps with dedicated Managers that can see the activity of all the reps in the group in the external Sales Portal (See Section: External Portals > Sales Portal). You can also create sub-groups (ex. North Region, South Region). Activity of the sub-groups is also visible by the Manager of the parent group.

Lab Partners

The Provider Portal is a separate and unbranded website URL that Ovation provides for you to share with your Providers, Contacts, and Sales Reps. ( The portal is HIPAA compliant and offers an easy way to view and download completed reports and place online orders. 

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